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You and your friends have been driving along the West Coast for several hours and are looking for a motel. Finally, you spot a vacancy sign flashing in the distance. As you pull in to the Black Cove Motel you notice there are no cars in the parking lot. Although it looks a little sketchy, you and  your friends grab your suitcases and walk into the lobby.

Once you make your way inside, the door suddenly slams shut behind you. You race over to open it, but it’s locked! There is no one in the lobby but you do notice a hand written sign on the desk that reads, “Be back in 1-hour.” Everyone starts yelling, shouting, and panic begins to set in.

Who will be back in 1-hour? What will happen to us? You and your friends have 60 minutes to escape the motel before these questions are answered!


What Renae has to say... "The Black Cove Motel is a classic escape room. It has a good mix of searching for clues and solving puzzles with a few little fun surprises along the way. I highly recommend this room for first time players."




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With the entire police force working tirelessly to solve a string of recent murders, the words “serial killer” have made headlines. Seven bodies have been found in the last three weeks and local authorities have determined the crimes are all related.

A list of suspects has been created based on hard evidence, haunting clues, cryptic puzzles, and gruesome messages found at each crime scene. With time running out before the killer strikes again, you and your unit from the National Forensic Task Force have been called in to take over the case and local authorities are not happy.

Just as you arrive, it happens. Victim #8, no arrests and a city terrorized by a psychopath. Do you have what it takes to get this killer off the streets?


What Nick has to say... "This is anything but an ordinary escape room. There are two objectives: First, find out 'who done it' and secondly, validate that by an escape. This room requires high levels of communication and teamwork."




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The Department of Homeland Security has hired your group of geologists, chemists, and engineers to secretly explore a notorious mine known only as Volkov. Over the past decade your team has discretely explored hundreds of mines and caves for various branches of the U.S. government, but never for Homeland.

As you go through the contract details you can sense secrecy and urgency. With limited time to prepare for this operation you begin feeling uneasy about what lies beneath. You gather your crew outside the mine for final instructions and make your way inside. 

You are only minutes into the exploration and all hell breaks loose. Tunnels and shafts start collapsing and you become separated from your group. With limited oxygen remaining in the mine, you must find your team and escape!


What Chris has to say... "Trapped Beneath is our most comprehensive escape room experience. The moment you step inside, you are immediately drawn to the task at hand. As the game develops, players often forget they are even inside an escape room."




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“Sorry to interrupt this exclusive dinner party here at our infamous mansion, but we have a suspicious murder to report. Someone was found dead in one of the rooms and it happened with a specific weapon.

Was it you, Professor Plum with the candlestick in the gallery? Perhaps it was Miss Scarlet with the rope in the study. Or was it another set of circumstances all together? You will need to get to the bottom of this in 60 minutes or we are calling the authorities.

Now, we are all for covering it up again so you can get back to whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears, but we want answers! It is time to put friendships and teamwork aside and start pointing fingers! Welcome, to Your Game of Clue!” – Mr. & Mrs. Host


What Carolyn has to say... "Our most unique game play experience to date. Locate the rooms, weapons, and point fingers to find out who is responsible. Every game has a unique ending which will leave you wondering how it's even possible!"